I need Thee every hour

#SheReadsTruth #Hymns Day 5

This hymn used to make me very uncomfortable. I don’t need anyone and most definitely not every hour, I used to think. This is obviously for the weak and feeble not the strong and self reliant. I can do it on my own. Oh how my thoughts sounded like the words I said to my parents at the age of four while singing a song on camera- “no! I do it!” It seems as though my strong-willed tendencies have only grown stronger with age. It’s a facade though. I know as well as those closest to me who have seen me crack under my self-imposed pressure, that I can’t do it. Not on my own, no matter how hard I try. There’s something in my spirit that likes a challenge. That likes pushing myself out of my comfort zone. I like this place very much because it’s where I learn more about myself- what is in me that I never would have known otherwise. It’s where I grow and learn the most. I believe God put that spirit in me for a purpose. He did not make me to be comfortable. He made me to test my limits to love that place where I know I’m not strong enough. God loves that place. I believe more than I do because it’s there that He meets me. It’s there that He says, daughter you have shown up and that’s all that I ask of you, now watch me come through for you. Watch me be Your strength. As I reflect on what’s to come this year as I step WAY out of my comfort zone to join the national guard and all that entails I can’t help but be excited in-spite of my fear. It means I will be in that place that both God and I love- right past the boundary of my capabilities and strength. I know that in that place this summer God is going to meet me in so many tangible ways and I am going to learn that God only wants me to show up, be available and to realize I do need Him every hour. While talking with a friend of mine last night I had an “aha moment.” We were talking about knowing God through experience. A lightbulb went off as I realized we only experience God to the extent that we allow Him into our lives. If we only “need Him” in the difficult times and the big decisions He’ll be there to meet us, but how much more could we know Him if we needed Him every hour! The truth is I do need Him every hour- in fact I need Him right now on this lazy Saturday afternoon to get up off this comfortable chair, put down my coffee and to learn how to do those military push-ups I will become very well acquainted with in just a few short months! Come on God, let’s do this!


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