Germany News

I’m back from Germany so here is a blip of what I can share with you. I saw God’s glory shine in Berlin, Lychen and the island of Sylt as his love broke through the barriers of the individual hearts we had the privilege of ministering to. We helped put on a three church event in Berlin. We were support staff to some wonderful Germans at three youth camps in Lychen, where we taught classes on english, how to have a personal relationship with God, servant leadership and build your own paper airplane. From swimming in the lake nearby, teaching the cotton eye joe to all the campers or challenging them to volleyball games, it was a fun few weeks! We lead youth in worship services and to the truth as we shared testimonies and sermons. Finally our last week was spent in Sylt and God told us He wanted to do more that week than in the past five and that’s exactly what He did! We led youth services and hang outs at the YWAM base on the island, while encouraging their ministry they have been developing over the years. Personally God took me deeper in my willingness to trust Him with every detail of my life, for every need He wants to be my provider. I learned that in order for my faith to grow I had to put myself in situations that stretched me, I also learned how to love others deeper as I left pieces of myself scattered in Germany. I loved until it physically hurt but I am stronger because of it. Deutschland you were so good to me!

I gave God a year of my life and I gained riches that cannot be numbered. I gained knowledge of God’s character, I gained insight into my personal ministry, I gained experience on the mission field both stateside and overseas, I gained lifelong friends and mentors. I am one rich girl! None of this could have been mine if it weren’t for your support so I thank you for what you gave be it, kind words, prayer or finances. What you have done for my life and the kingdom cannot be measured. Be blessed!


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