He is enough!

Just yesterday God blew my mind with answered prayer. Not only my prayer but the prayers of my mom and our friends. He did all of this in one coffee conversation yesterday evening. Still exhausted from two weeks of ministry I was trying to gear up for Germany but this time lacking a substantial amount of enthusiasm that is there every other time I leave the country. I was discouraged and the lies of the enemy were perpetual because I still was $800 short for my funds. Lies like why serve a God who won’t provide for you, God isn’t your provider. You can provide for yourself. I immediately recognized the lies for what they were- joy and confidence killers. I asked God will you please give me an opportunity to know that I know that I know that You are my provider. I don’t want to have the idea and opinion that you are my provider I don’t want to just believe I want the conviction that You are my provider. Immediately a friend texted asking when I left for Germany and if I still had time to meet. I said, “yes” and after borrowing a vehicle I headed out to see her. We talked for about an hour about her mission trip to the D.R. as well as our families and what I will be doing in Germany for 2 months. She proceeded to ask me how she and her husband could help me. I told her that as well as prayer I still needed $800 to reach my goal. “It’s done.” That’s all she said as she reached in her wallet to write me a check for just that amount. Overwhelmed with God’s immediate answer with provision I burst into tears circling around to embrace her. She explained to me that since she and her husband were between churches they didn’t have a regular tithe and were asking God what to do with the extra- my need was their answer to prayer. After immediately calling my mom with the news she called my sister to tell her of God’s faithfulness along with calling to thank Jennifer for her generosity those conversations answered my moms prayers for encouragement for my sister. I am now on my last flight destination- Germany and I am praising God for His faithfulness to me, even when my attitude is less than right and my courage is depleted. He is my provider!
“The Lord is my shepherd I shall lack nothing.” Psalm 23:1


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