School of my dreams

Hey everyone, I made it to SOMD! I am always blown away by how God provides all the money I need in such a short time. He is so not limited by time or need! I have settled into the schedule but am still not used to the work load yet. Amos (our leader) gave us all the important dates on our calendar and just as I suspected there won’t be much free time but I am here for much more than sleep and fun. I want to grow in the knowledge of God and my character I am already a pro at fun and sleep 😉

We found out we will be leading a lot of STOs (short term outreaches) right here in Louisville, doing everything from designing t-shirts to leading small groups and writing Bible studies for high-school aged kids. It’s going to be a wild ride.

Yesterday I found out I get to lead the local ministry team to Baxter avenue. I have had a heart for Baxter ever since I first drive by 5 years ago. Last year I did my local ministry there and The Lord told me one day I’d be ministering to the women in the community. I got glimpses of leading Bible studies and ministering to their felt and evident needs. Well this Spring it’s happening! The Lord provides!

I am beyond blessed to have this season to narrow in my focus on my passions and purpose. I am already amazed at how The Lord is expounding on things already on my heart. He’s solidifying me and grounding me in truth. Thank you for all your support in my endeavors. For those of you who know me, I’m not short on dreams and determination. My prayer is that what is in my flesh would fall away and what is from God would remain.

P.s. I love letters, encouragement and conversation. If you would like to contact me there are three ways.


Address- 3402 Goose Creek Road
Louisville, KY 40241

Cell Phone- (502) 377-7914

If you live in Louisville and want to meet up lets get coffee or food! I’m free evenings and weekends. Face to face convos are always the best!

Thanks again, friends.
Be blessed!


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