Wowee! Our outreach in Capetown South Africa has come to a close. Today marked our last day of Ministry and I can say the feelings I have are a far cry from what I expected. I expected to be excited to get back to my own bed, I expected to think about my family and friends all the time, I expected to be warn out and ready to collapse after 6 weeks of hard-at-it ministry. Here I am though feeling quite the opposite. I would skip my bed if it meant more afternoons in Overcome homes investing in the lives of my new friends and seeing their hearts enlightened to new realities of God. My family and friends at home have definitely been missed but my dreams would be in them coming here to live among these beautiful people with me; to see the wonders of God as He moves in unthinkable ways. I have been amazed at how every night I pass out from exhaustion and wake up 7 hrs later with all new energies. The days have been so long but the weeks so short. Saturday, I’m coming home and I know when I sit in planes from Capetown to Louisville I’ll be thinking of every face I had the pleasure of encountering but looking forward to the faces of home. This I can say for sure- my eyes have been open to a deeper understanding of the awesomeness of our God and my heart enlarged to fit so many new friends. Overcome, you have blessed me beyond words! Today was such a beautiful day because I got to say goodbye to everyone I have developed relationships with. We spent the last 30 minutes at Merené’s house where she presented me with a poem she had written me on friendship. It was beautiful and perfect! I received all my new friends contact info so that I can now reach them with letters and emails to hear updates on all things Overcome.
Some of my highlights would have to be seeing ministry become more and more successful as we let God lead us. Emily, Ian and I were all in agreement and ministered together beautifully. We saw a timid, distrusting young woman and mother of two become a confident, trusting, godly woman who found freedom through forgiveness. We saw her dad healed of gout on his foot. We got to know a man struggling with alcoholism, who in a matter of hrs gave his life to Jesus and quit drinking altogether. He came to the crusade that same week. We witnessed God move in the lives of two lonely girls as He brought them together in friendship. We received a revelation lesson from a gardener who owned a green house in the middle of the township. We restored three roofs, built a sink, shelving unit, pulpit and cement landing for Ark Chapel church. We baptized 23 people on one Sunday afternoon. We saw church services grow from week to week as people began to feel comfortable with us and accept our invitations. We had 7 crusades in which we shared a Jesus depicting drama, testimonies and messages. I’m pretty sure over the course of this time I had 146 cups of coffee, played 15 games of settlers, and 40 games of ERS, ate 6 Chocolate bars, laid out in the sun for 20 hrs, read 2 books, reached the top of two mts, consumed more fries (chips) and sweet chile sauce and soda then I have had in my lifetime, saw more breathtaking views than I can recount. It was an incredible trip! Thank you for bring a part of it as you supported me financially and prayerfully, kept in touch via Facebook and face time and read/ listened to my stories afterwards. I am thankful and blessed to have you as friends!




































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