Beautiful Feet that share the “good news”

If you had an urgent message, a message that could save lives. This message contained the truths that could set men free, encourage others, and bring hope where it is absent. What measures would you go to to share it? The truth is, if we know Jesus and carry with us the gospel we have a message that everyone needs and many are hungry for. What measures will we go to in order to get this news to people. The news that has the power to transform lives. Will we be others champions? A champion is someone who stands in the gap for others. Will we stand in the gap, give up our rights for the sake of the gospel? This message has a church and we are that church. We are commissioned to stand in the gap for those who are wandering and lost. For the single mother who struggles every week through classes trying desperately to get a real job to provide for her kids. Not a day goes by that she doesn’t worry that her kids will go hungry and be taken away from her. For the agnostic who has struggled with jealousy towards his brother all his life and he doesn’t understand the meaning of love or how to show it. For the Father who for all his childhood was pressured to succeed and told he was a failure by his parents. He told himself he would never become his dad but now he is a workaholic trying to provide for his family , feeling he can never do enough. For the old couple who have invested all their lives into making money and now that they are millionaires all they have a mansion to show for it and lots a pretty things but no one to care for and certainly no one who cares for them. They were so worried they would lose their wealth that they didn’t invest even in relationships with their family. Now they are grumpy, lonely and afraid of death. They just want people they can call family and friends. Then there is the woman who all her life was told by the closest people that she wasn’t smart enough and has lived life believing all she had to offer the world was her beautiful body. She now earns her money by giving herself to multiple men a night who only care about sex. All of these people are searching, lost confused and wandering aimlessly through life. They need the hope-filled, life-giving message of the gospel. They need someone who cares enough about them to take some time out to ask them about their lives and to tell them about a God who is in the business of changing them. These people need us. Will we be their champion? Will we share what Jesus has done for us and what He can do for them? Christmas is right around the corner and their are billions of people who are disillusioned into thinking it’s about gifts, splurging on ham, cheese grits and pecan pie, watching football, and getting together with family you just put up with for a day. They need Jesus. We know Him so lets share Him! This week we had Bob Felder came and talk to us about evangelism. He said that there is one ingredient that makes a good evangelist and that is YOU- The truth seeker and gospel bearer. We went out one day around Louisville, talking to complete strangers about Jesus. It was scary up until the moment I sat down with the first man who cried when I prayed for Him and opened up about his family needs. Then their was Dolly who jumped for joy when we gave her a Bible. She was so excited to go back inside her house to read it, that she completely ignored her friends who was honking at her from their car. People are hungry and desperate for the truth that we know. if we just took the time to share Jesus with them we could change the course of their life for eternity.  


One thought on “Beautiful Feet that share the “good news”

  1. I love all the pictures!! I also love the passion behind sharing the Gospel. It is scary at first but then once you start sharing it’s so exciting because you’re sharing the very thing that changed your life so much!

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