Use Your Weapon and a Different kind of Thanksgiving

What if you had a a sword, hanging on your wall. It was your prized possession but then something unexpected happens and a thief breaks in your house to steal all he can get his hands on, even your two young daughters. Do you simply leave your sword hanging on the wall so it won’t get a nick on it or do you take that weapon down and use it for all it’s worth to defeat your foe and take back what he has stolen? This may seem like an easy to answer question, but this is what we do with the word of God. It is the greatest weapon that we can use against the devil and his cohorts but we leave it sitting on our coffee table, the word of God left on the pages rather than letting it soak into our being, studying it, speaking it to ourselves and our friends, and using it against the enemies schemes. Satan would like nothing more than for us to be naive to how powerful of a weapon we hold, forgetting it and letting it collect dust. This week pastor Tim ignited in my heart, a stronger desire to study the word of God with expectation and purpose. We divided into groups to discuss a passage, asking ourselves questions like what is the genre, context, meaning, theme, and implications of this chunk of scripture. We had some great discussions and I realized just how rich a single verse of scripture is. It took us an hour to dissect one passage and I know there is still more to be discovered there. “For the word of God is alive and active. Sharper than any double-edged sword, it penetrates even to dividing soul and spirit, joints and marrow; it judges the thoughts and attitudes of the heart.” Hebrews 4:12 The Bible is so thick, it’s efficacy incomparable if we would just take the time to dive in and soak up it’s riches. This week of class was pretty short because thursday was Thanksgiving and we spent the long weekend scattering all over the city of Louisville volunteering with different ministries and sharing Jesus with people on the city streets. ALthough I missed eating turkey with my family and really missed my momma’s sweet potato rolls, it turned out to be such a splediferous weekend. We set our goals high and saw the Lord move in our hearts and in the hearts of the people we met. The SOMD (School of Ministry Development) students planned the whole thing with the hopes that come Saturday night everyone would be spent and that is just what happened. We all get together on saturday night to share testimonies and have a closing worship sesh. I shared about my divine encounter with Miko, a middle aged woman I met at Baxter during our bible distribution. Her door was open so Derek and I were drawn to her house. She invited us in and we sat on her couch for a while just talking about the Mandala documentary she was watching, her life at baxter and her daughter. She went on to ask me if I knew GiGi to which I exclaimed, “YES!” You see, GiGi and her family have a special place in my heart. She is a single mother of three precious kiddos whom I met on our fist day of local outreach. She had told me that she was interested in having a women’s Bible study when we started talking about Jesus and church. She said that she would be asking around to see if any other women were interested in a Bible study as well. We continued to talk every week and we played with her kids at the park while she got chores done at home. I was encouraged when I would ask the neighbors if the knew GiGi and they would go on and on about how everyone loved an respected her and that she was known as a good-hearted woman in her community. While I was talking to Miko I could tell that she thought the same of GiGi and she also asked me if I was planning on having a Bible study. I was so excited because that’s two women already! God gave me a vision on our way back home of me leading a Bible study there while I’m in college. I plan on keeping up with Miko and GiGi and getting one up and going soon! I can’t wait to grow with these ladies! I am starting to understand why about a year ago when I was lost downtown, driving through Baxter, I felt a longing in my heart for that place. What are You up to, Lord? Whatever it is has me all delighted!


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