Build Your Kingdom Here, We Pray Part 2

Picture this, you are hungry and decide to come to my resteraunt for lunch. you walk in and find it in disaray, a customer is complaining that food isn’t cooked all the way  that the dishes are dirty and the bathroom hasn’t been cleaned in weeks. You ask a waiter for a table and he says, “go find someone else, I’m busy.” You walk turn around to walk into where a group of waiters on congregated and before you can get a word in, they start fighting and arguing over who’s getting paid the most. What would you think about me, the restaurant owner? Being the discerning customer that you are, you would probably think that I am irresponsible, careless, unfair and shouldn’t be running a restaurant. This is exactly how it is with the world. The earth is God’s and everything in it. When sin and separation entered the world it offset the kingdom, the way God designed it to be. When Jesus is reflected in the world, however we will see the kingdom of God here on earth. God’s kingdom is reflected by justice, pro-active engaging, the already-not-yet, righteousness, peace and joy. The kingdom sanctifies the common. “There is not a square centimeter over God’s universe that God doesn’t say, this is mine, that is mine.” The kingdom is what shines hope into the future. The constitution of the kingdom is the word of God. The law of the kingdom is love. The currency of the kingdom is faith. The language of the kingdom is the story or parable. The greatest in the kingdom are servants. We must guard the kingdom as kingdom workers. We represent God here on earth so we must realize that His kingdom is susceptible to three things: to the cares of the world, the evil one and neglect. We can guard against these things by being vigilant and alert in our daily lives, NOW because everything matters to God. Our own possessions, time, resources, gifts and talents, calling and influence matter now just as much as they matter tomorrow and the next day for the rest of our lives. We are a part of bringing the kingdom of heaven to earth. What a responsibility, what a privilege what a joy to partner with our Heavenly Father in this glorious endeavor! I want people to walk in my restaurant  and to be satisfied and filled because Jesus is reflected there.  


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