Bring Your Kingdom Here, We Pray

Imagine for a second what does heaven look like? I picture Rivendel the land of the elves from lord Of The Rings with vastness of beauty high and wide. I picture the throne with Jesus at the right hand of the Father and all the children worshipping in the overwhelming, indescribable presence of their God. I picture eternal freedom from sin and the effect of it (sickness, sadness, weakness..) This week we shook up the ordinary routine and went on a road trip to Alabama to Shacco Springs for the SE conference. It was so nice to get away to hear some great teaching from Jim Stier, to meet so many other YWAMers from around the world and to grow more in my walk with the Lord at these beautiful grounds. We had sessions with mr. Stier every morning and evening along with an incredible worship band and loads of good ol’ country cookin from the “deep fried south.” As we pulled into the conference center late on sunday night I said, I am going to make a good friend this week and man did I! I met Abby Ternes, a sweet sister from the Orlando base along with David, Alex, Nate and Annette. It is so cool how when you go to a YWAM function you feel like you are with your aunts, uncles, cousins, grandmas and grandpas. We were there with around 800 other missionaries or aspiring missionaries. We were all learning the same truth, seeking to apply it and all worshipping the same Creator God as we danced around like fools to the beat of a banjo. The banjo alone rocked my socks but when Jim started teaching and sharing stories of his own mission adventures God became real to me in a whole new way. I got a taste of what God can do through His people when they are obedient to His Spirit and was challenged to not let what happened at Shacco to stay at Shacco. My heavenly Father shared some secrets with me about His dreams for my life and I cannot wait to see them unfold. Sure it’s scary to stand alongside hundreds of other students wanting to be empty and sent out by God into a needy world. To stand and say, “I am willing God. What is the dream you have for me?” It was much more than jumping through hoops and following my friends sitting around me. It was a personal kneeling before God’s throne waiting for His anointing and word. It was saying I don’t care what you call me to because You are worth it, Daddy. I know You and many don’t. How do You want me to bring Your Kingdom to earth in my unique way? God shared some secrets with me that night that made my heart leap in excitement for adventure. He gave me glimpses of His plan and whispered words into my ears that alluded to something bigger. He said, my dear Hilary you want to see the bigger picture for security and hope and I want to give that to you but I also have things in store for you that you have never imagined and I want you to walk in obedience. Are you willing? A voice said, “wait, what if the plan is not as good as…..” and God interrupted saying, “when have I ever let you down?” When has my plan ever not worked for your good, your safety and protection, your delight? I know what you long for, I know what excites your heart because after all, I made you. I designed you for this unique purpose from the beginning. Will you dare to dream bigger and crazier than you ever have with me?……  ImageImageImage


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