I am free

Have you ever felt like you are so free that nothing could take away your delight? It’s like how you would have felt as a child when your parents dropped you off at the park and you had so much before you with no rules but just to have fun and enjoy yourself. This week I had that breakthrough that God wants me to have that same freedom when approaching the days of my life. He wants me to have options, He wants me to try new things, He wants me to fail, scratch my head and get back up again,  He wants me to want Him to join in on the unknown adventure that is before me and to trust Him to provide, to protect, to be faithful all along the way as I experience new things. Well, here at YWAM there are so many opportunities to experience new things and this week was no exception. It started out as a normal week until our speaker Donna McDowell got here and she began to shake up the norm a little bit by letting us be creative, asking and answering new difficult questions and ending our week with an entire class period devoted to worship. She was an incredibly engaging and real woman and I so enjoyed our time with her. She asked us all to pick a symbol that described our relationship with God at the moment. I picked a fire hydrant because I picture the inside of one as containing so much water that it could explode at any moment. There is so much water in it that it’s just waiting to burst out. Well since being here all the information and opportunities for application have felt like there is so much in my head (like a fire hydrant) that can’t wait to be experienced and learned. It has been difficult this week because of all the unknown sin in my life that has not been uprooted. They are deep roots and it’s amazing that when I came here I thought I was so much better than I am. It feels horrible knowing who I want to become and not being there but I am learning to be thankful that the Lord is faithful to reveal these things to me all the while reminding me that I need Him to overcome them. It takes away the anxiety and unrest in my soul to know that He holds me in His arms and values me enough to speak into my life. Along with the difficulties it has proved to be an awesome week because my God is faithful and He is doing a work in me. I can feel it! I am free to allow Him to do it!


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