Authentic humility

Why is it that humility which should be the most sought after and supreme of all Christian virtues is the last of our seeking. We gain and appreciate the more vocal gifts like evangelism, telling others about our gentle and kind Lord, yet we fall short of emulating these characteristics in our own person. I believe that we would be much more effective for the glory of God and the representative of Jesus Christ to the world if we sought after humility.  Andrew Murray wrote the book humility, a journey towards holiness which describes the value in living with meekness and lowliness of heart which are extremely valuable to all of Christ’s followers. Jesus, when he came to earth was not embarrassed, shy, or timid as some might think would define humility but he was gentle and kind and associated with those that others would turn up their nose to. In order to follow Jesus in truth we must first cultivate a humble spirit before God and man. Humility is not some pie in the sky to achieve though. In fact it is becoming true to reality so that God may fill us with the riches of His grace. Humility is as Charles Spurgeon would define as the proper estimate of ourselves. We realize that when coming before God we have nothing to bring in and of ourselves and we can surely say, “what can these poor hands lay at the feet of our king?” In the same posture we can become truly lowly of spirit with our fellow men, believers and unbelievers alike, realizing that who we are and what we have achieved is a work of God because of the work of Jesus Christ on the cross. It is on these grounds that we have absolutely no ground to boast anymore. We are ransomed from a life of spiraling downward into the pit of doom and have landed on the backs of eagles whose wings carry us higher and higher until we have reached fullness of glory with God in our eternal resurrected bodies. While we are here on earth we should make it our soul desire to know God and make Him known here on earth. Jesus said that when we look at Him we will see God which means that we can grow in our knowledge of Jesus by studying His life in the biblical narratives. Without application though studying would be in vain. After some life analysis I have realized that I can grow in humility in many ways but here are three immediate ways.
I can respond to praise in a more humble way. All of us get praise for one thing or another from our peers and family from “cute outfit” to “great job on your solo at the spring concert.” We all love praise but not many of us know how to respond to it. Many of us think that it is an act of humility to deny that we are good at anything. I think however that there is a better and slightly less awkward way to respond. I want to begin responding with not only a genuine “thank you” but also with a genuine prayer of gratefulness to the Father as the giver. Secondly, I can as Jesus did use my gifts for the glory of God and to further His kingdom. Just as any giver appreciates and deserves a heartfelt thank you for a gift, our Heavenly Father who has given us so much should be exalted over the gifts He has given us. I want to use my gifts in singing to lead others in worship. I want to use my gift of relating to draw others to Jesus. I want to use my warmth and love for others as a means to be approachable and to display the care and concern of Jesus. I want to use my gifts with art to point others to the truths that are God. Finally, I can humble myself by putting others before myself. This is the most difficult of all applications for me. I can easily worship and magnify God above myself because of the love He has lavished on me but it is not easy for me to show mercy and kindness to those that are unlovely. God says that we can not have the love of God in us if we do not love our neighbor. Our neighbor is that person in our lives who speaks unkindly about us, is mean and unkind, and acts in a hateful, spiteful way. Jesus loves those people so much that He died for them and therefore I need to love them as well. In fact, I am not loving if I am not able to love those who have absolutely nothing to give me in return and even more respond with hatred. I am learning from this book and throughout my week that I have so much room to grow in the area of humility. I am thankful for this book and for the grace of God which gives me the power to change.


2 thoughts on “Authentic humility


  2. Hilary! I see you cultivating humility in your life! You are allowing God to do a deep work in you and it’s so great! keep letting Him go deeper and deeper in you!

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