Is that really you, God

Today, our speaker came in and talked about hearing the voice of God in our lives. I have always discerned the voice of God in my life by how far outside myself it seems. If my thought is I should go up and pray over that man who has epilepsy and believe that God will heal Him, there is no other explanation for that voice but God. My logical mind would not, could not think that thought. That sounds crazy! In fact if i have a thought that if it unfolded it would be a miracle and if it didn’t I’d be crazy it’s the voice of God. If i heard the thought I need to give up coffee THAT WOULD NEVER MAY I REPEAT NEVER come from me! That would have to be God. Do you get my point? When God speaks to my soul it’s obvious because it is so contradictory to my nature. Well today Kevin got up and shared his coming to YWAM story of how he was going through drug rehab and his friend Gabe asked him to join him on the YWAM adventure. He decided very last minute (like me) to come and God supernaturally provided the funds. He talked about how he was crying out to god, “Lord show me Your face. I want to see Your face!” He said he could not understand why God was not speaking to Him and why He felt like there was a huge chasm between him and God. God responded, by speaking through a garbage man who had stepped out to take out the trash. “Give up your trash for me,” God said so that I can dwell in your life. He said that was EXACTLY what he did and immediately he felt a freedom that he had not felt for as long as he could remember. After his testimony our teacher asked us all to ask the lord to speak to us in a new fresh way and God gave me a vision of a classroom where many kids sat around as the teacher passed out the grades to the final exam. Mine had an “A” in the top left hand corner, excited I looked over to my friend who had received a “B” and gazed around the room to see some “Cs” and “Ds”. I felt this feeling of pride an accomplishment come over me as I compared my grade to their’s. At that moment the teacher announced that everyone was going to receive a better grade than they deserved and walked around erasing all the grades, including mine, while writing a red “A” on everyone’s page. God was showing me that in His classroom and in His kingdom there was no room for boasting. While I might study very hard for an exam and my friend Steve might cram the day of, He sees both of us as passing the class. Now this does not mean that He is not pleased with the extra hours of work I put in to prepare and get a good grade but those are no grounds for me to compare in pride. At that moment I began to see people in a different light. When before I may have been a very accepting person I still had a block in my mind when it came to earning that grade on my exam (behavior management). God’s kingdom is not about behavior management but about His people coming to know and love Him and seek to live a life of thankful obedience for the final grade we all receive in Jesus Christ. Now God is not a God of handouts and in fact He has a standard for all of His children to live by but in reaching the standards set forth by God we are merely living up to the privilege we have already attained by the work of Jesus. Praise God that we have such a gracious teacher whose grace can not be measured, withheld divided out according to the character of each person but that is freely poured out on us. We must simply hold up our exams and receive the red “A” on our papers. We have passed already. We received our report cards with a perfect grade right when we began the class. Wow, now that teacher, I want to please and live up to the grade I have already been given. God spoke to my soul today and I can say with certainty, “yes, that was really Him!”


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