New home new fam new season

Hey there friends,

Today is the first day of fall! While literally it’s a new season, today also marks the beginning of a new season of life for me. I moved a box of clothes and two boxes of books over to my new home on Lime Kiln. This is where I will be residing for the next 4 months, living with 35 girls who I have never met much less done life with. Sounds like a recipe for sanctification growth! I am expectant that some of these girls will become close kindred spirits. My family came to visit the house for a tour and pray over the grounds. Lydia and I agreed, the house looks like an America’s next top model headquarters to which my mom chimed in, “more like america’s next top missionaries!” A friend and supporter of YWAM bought it as a gift to serve as the girl’s residence. It’s BEAUTIFUL with a big kitchen, lots of windows and an open backyard, perfect for quiet times and volleyball games. My room is on the second floor overlooking the backyard so a lot of natural light is allowed in. It reminds me of my room at home. I met one room mate tonight, her name is Allie. Also I got a huge welcome packet complete with polka dot socks and a Louisville sticker Noah will continue to beg me for until I consent……. still he begs. I plan on giving it to him in his birthday card shhhh… I also got a binder complete with our schedule, rules and class notes. Our schedule is packed! This will be a busy season fo sho! I realized also that evening quiet time begins at 10:30 which means I will get in good sleeping habits for these six months, being so adjusted to super late movie or reading nights recently. Our days start at 7:00 and ends at 6:00. We are free to use the evenings however we want to like running, gym, reading or dessert/coffee with friends. The possibilities are exciting! I still have quite a bit of money to raise before I get to $3500. $1000 more to be specific. I know this trip is where God wants me because it was so last minute I could not get the money raised on my own; instead I will choose to step out in faith. This six month adventure begins tomorrow and I could not be more sure that God has me right where He wants me for this season, so here I am, wide eyes and open hands.


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